What is KOUSO Fermented Drink?

Fermented drink of plant extract

“KOUSO fermented drink” is fermented extract of over 100 kinds of plant-based ingredients.

Japan has a long tradition of fermented products such as miso, soy sauce, and sake that utilize microorganisms, and they continue to be deeply ingrained in our lives today. In 1949, by utilizing the traditional fermentation technique and ancient wisdom, our founder Kunio Yamato developed a fermented drink using many different kinds of plant-based ingredients.
It is named “KOUSO fermented drink”.

YAMATO KOUSO’s KOUSO fermented drink has fermented plant extract of over 100 kinds of ingredients such as fruit vegetables, leaf vegetables, root vegetables, fruits, beans, mushrooms, grains, seaweeds, and herbs.

We are discerning about our plant ingredients, which are all cultivated domestically in the rich climate of the four seasons in Japan, and we use our traditional fermentation starter for fermentation and aging to produce our KOUSO fermented drink.
We proudly deliver delicious and nutrient-rich products with the highest quality.


Features of our KOUSO fermented drink

01 - Easy to digest and absorb, reducing the digestive burden on the body

plant ingredients were fermented with our original technology and traditional fermentation starter which uses enzymes and effective microorganisms such as koji mold, yeast, and lactobacillus that break down plant ingredients, making them low-molecular so that they can be absorbed more easily by our bodies.

It can be consumed by anyone from small children starting to eat baby food to the elderly.

picture showing fermentation and aging process

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During the fermentation and aging process, microorganisms and enzymes break apart cell walls to efficiently extract polyphenols and other nutrients that are trapped within the ingredients.

02 - Fermented products created by the effective microorganisms and the nutrients of the bacterial cells themselves are supplied simultaneously

It can lead to a rich and varied diet with the inclusion of ingredients that are rather difficult to absorb in a normal diet and that can improve the nutritional balance when added to a normal diet.

picture showing fermentation and aging process

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The effective microorganisms create various fermentation products, including vitamins, organic acids, short-chain fatty acids, peptides, and oligosaccharides.

03 - Retains freshness with complete fermentation and short-term aging

Our KOUSO Fermented drinks do not undergo long-term aging, instead it features short-term aging. This enables the rich nutrients of seasonal ingredients and trace nutrients such as biologically active substances, vitamins, and minerals to be retained in the freshest possible condition.
Please use it during periods of rest when you are busy with housework and work, or as a nutritional supplement during sports.

04 - Nutrition that reaches the intestine

The intestine is an important organ involved in daily physical condition and health. Not only is it involved with digestion, absorption, and bowel movements, but it has been found to be closely tied to mind and body health, such as immunity, hormonal balance, clear skin, and vitality.
It is important to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria to maintain the intestinal environment and sustain good health.
KOUSO fermented drink contains a wide variety of nutrients, including oligosaccharides and dietary fiber that supports good bacteria such as lactobacillus.

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